Saturday, April 16, 2016

AtoZ of Melody McDonald: “N” is for Nightmares

If there was one thing Melody was famous for – other than her built-in left fist, that is – it was her nightmares. She usually had them after watching her favorite kind of movies: horror movies. Don’t get me wrong, here; Melody also loved movies about sports or animals, but it seemed that she were magnetically drawn to scary movies. She KNEW she would have nightmares and that those images would remain imprinted in her mind forever, but as soon as Chiller came on, she would be lying on the floor right next to Ross with her eyes glued to the TV, ready for the very next show. And nightmares there would be!

She also enjoyed watching “One Step Beyond” and the “Outer Limits” which would, from time to time, also cause nightmares. And, it didn’t even matter, sometimes, if the movie was scary; all that was necessary was someone hurting an animal: that would have her screaming and crying at some point during the night. Yes, Melody was a softie in certain areas.

One memorable time, she, her siblings and several of their friends – if they provided their own ticket and candy money, they were welcome to ride along – had gone to the Costa Mesa Cinema to watch a movie called Dinosaurus! It was NOT a scary movie, in any way, shape or form, but there was one scene, towards the end, when a gigantic brontosaurus, which Melody had decided she would have liked as a pet, had gone onto the beach and suddenly a big, nasty, toothy-grinned T-Rex, which had been the bad-guy during the entire movie, killed the gentle and kind Brontosaurus. (To see a trailer of the movie, click here ).

That night, the McDonalds’s sleep was interrupted by hysterical crying, as Melody relived that sad moment when the evil T-Rex killed the poor Brontosaurus; Melody was riding the brontosaurus when it happened and she tried to protect him, but the T-Rex was too fast. And, just as he was grabbing for her, Melody woke up. And cried for the poor, dead brontosaurus.

One of the movies that gave her the worst nightmares was “Frankenstein’s Daughter”. She had watched it at Steve’s house one Saturday afternoon, and had thought it was the funniest “scary movie” she’d ever seen. But her screams that night had never been equaled.

Now, she has no desire to watch horror movies because, more than scary, they’re just gory and bloody, complete eyesores.


How about you? Did you ever suffer from nightmares?

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  1. That image you found is enough to give anyone nightmares! My nightmares are usually my hubby leaving me. Although, if I watch horror movies I will get weird nightmares. It's why I don't often watch horror. That and I'm a wuss.

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

    1. I don't know why, but I do remember that in color she looked absolutely ridiculous. I remember nothing about the movie except that the girl lay down her head and when she stood back up, she looked in the mirror and started shrieking. That's all I remember, except that they were at a pool party when it happened.
      Thank you for dropping by and commenting. ☺

  2. I have woken from a nightmare and relieved to know it was not true. I don't have them with any regularity.
    Visiting from A to Z.

  3. I can't remember the last time I had a nightmare. But I do love horror movies. Lol.

  4. No nightmares for me but I have those anxiety dreams that all parents have about being separated from their children and unable to reach them.

    Susan Says

  5. Not a fan of horror movies, but I have had nightmares. Thankfully not often.

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