Friday, April 4, 2014

“D” is for the “Dream”

DToday’s letter, D, is brought to you by my dearest friend, Russ Kelly R.I.P. He was a talented poet, and had planned on publishing his poems, accompanied by paintings done by another dear friend, but unfortunately his dream was thwarted by his untimely death. I would like to share this poem with you, in his honor, because I’d like for him to receive the recognition he deserves. He wrote this poem in 1971, when he was just 22 years old.

The Dream

I had a dream the other night

and dreamt of many things

I wenched with mighty emperors

and supped with splendored kings

and soared across the universe

with wide ensorcered eyes

to touch pulsating fabrics

of many fabled skies.


I flew on mythic Hippogryphs

across the galaxy

and soared through skies as yet unknown

with my eyes to see

the building of the Pyramids

and found Mycenaean Greece

and sailed with mighty Jason

as he sought the Golden Fleece.


I slew the Nemeian Lion

and Medusa of serpent hair

and sought out ancient Babylon

with hanging gardens fair.

I journeyed on with Prestor John

Searched for all that’s dead and gone

Mystic flower, ancient tower

all these things were in my power

but all these wondrous sights to see

meant but little else to me.


I went down deeper in my dreams

to find the magic key

that would unlock the deepest door

and solve this mystery

this mystery of longing and of turning

and of tears

and of learning and of burning

and of fears…


But lo! And then I found it

the key into the door

beyond whose portals I would find

what I’d been searching for


I found the hidden temple

the entrance in the floor

went down many flights of steps

that led me to the door.


I put the key into the lock

it opened, and I found

(the writing on the wall told me

wither I was bound).


For I stood in the hall of the Gods of Dream

and saw before my eyes

the great, inspiring Asawot

the god of seas, and skies…


“Come hither:, he boomed,”Unbidden guest”

“You are at the ending of your quest”.


I told him of my longing

and in answer to my dreams

he looked at me and smiled and said:

“Strange though it seems

you are a godlike mortal

to have surmounted slumber’s peaks

to the Golden Castle of the Gods

that no sane mortal seeks


you ask me of fulfillment

and in answer to your plea

I say, be gone! Oh, foolish one

that would ask such things of me


For I am great and mighty

and not of such maudlin cast

that I would give you answers

to such questions that you ask


Be gone! And find your answers

by the light of breaking day

search not in dreams

but while you wake

it is the better way”.


And Asawot boomed at me

“That is all I have to say”!


But as I turned and ran in panic

Quickly from the room

I heard him sigh,

and touch the sky

heard him softly boom:


“For immortal being I may be

There are other Gods than me

The greatest is reality…”


©2014 Mary Purpari and Russ Kelly