Wednesday, April 23, 2014

“T” is for “These are a Few of My Favorite Things.

TThere are a myriad of things that I consider my favorites, but I would like to talk about a few that start with the letter ‘T’.

First, time. Time is always of the essence and sometimes I think I never have enough, and yet, it also seems to crawl. When I’m trying to work, it seems that time seems to fly; and yet, something that happened just four months ago seems to have happened a hundred years ago. I guess that time is not only of the essence, but is also relative.

Another favorite ‘t’ is trees. I love trees. as a child, when I wasn’t busy running around like a wild horse, I was climbing trees. Trees can bring me out of the deepest funk. Trees are homesHPIM1147 to lots of wonderful creatures that are also among my favorite things, but most don’t start with ‘t’ so I’ll consider them another time. I love the many shades of green found in trees, and the coolness they provide in summer. I love watching their branches dance in the wind and the sound of the ocean they make. When I lived in Mistretta, my favorite place to be was in the woods, in the coolness of the pine trees. I always felt so close to God near those trees, with their branches uplifted in prayer.

Taste buds. I know, it sounds weird, but how could I know the wonderful taste of chocolate or pistachio nuts, peanut butter or strawberries without taste buds? I am so glad I have taste buds to enrich my life.

Traveling is another of my favorite things. I used to love flying before terrorists had to ruin it for everyone. Now, my favorite choice would be ‘t’rains or the bus. I have crossed the United States several times with the bus – stopping whenever I want to and seeing whatever I want. I’ve traveled to Europe, to Mexico and Canada. I’ve met new people, tested my languages and seen cultures so different from my own.

I cannot forget true friends. True friends are what have made me life livable during the last few months; without them, I don’t know what I would have done or if I would have even tried. My true friends have listened as I’ve talked on and on; they’ve loaned me their shoulders when I cry; they’ve helped me know it wasn’t my fault; they’ve made me laugh (a great deed, indeed); they’ve bucked me up when I was down, even when their hearts were breaking, too. They’ve encouraged me when I was ready to give up. I love you guys.

And now, since time is of the essence, and space is short, I’ll mention one more favorite (at least in theory) thing; it’s a combination of the first and last favorites mentioned: time travel. It’s probably the only part of quantum physics that I partially understand, but it is something I would find fascinating. My blog would be full of my experiences as I traveled through time to carry on a conversation with Marcus Tullius Cicero. Or to take art classes from Michelangelo Buonarotti. And how about the idea of Knights in Shining Armor jousting and fighting for my honor. I could go and watch as the pyramids were being built. Or, I could go back just a few months and… never mind.

I have so many favorite things that start with ‘t’, and these are just a few, but perhaps the best one right now is being plumb tuckered out, so tuckered out I sleep the night through.

Do you have some favorite things that begin with ‘T’? Would you like to share?

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