Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Obituary for Russell John Kelly

In Loving Memory of

Russell John Kelly

September 17, 1948 – December 28, 2013





Russell John Kelly­­, 65, of Brooklyn, New York, passed away on December 28, 2013, following a cardiac arrest and subsequent complications, at the Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. His best friend, Mary Purpari, was at his side at the time of death. He was born on September 17, 1948 to Jack Russell Kelly and Mary Jane (Newman) Kelly, in Orlando, Florida, although the family moved two months later to Brooklyn, New York.  He grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, with a brief stop-over in the US Virgin Islands. He resided in Brooklyn, New York for the last five years preceding his death. He was a tax accountant, but one of his greatest joys in life was sharing his vast knowledge on many subjects with his friends and acquaintances, and counseling and comforting those in need. His love and knowledge of all music types, from reggae to classical, from opera to jazz, and everything in between, was a joy to all of his many friends around the world, as was his love of sports.


Russ is survived by his son, Kevin Kelly and grandson, Joey Kelly; his sisters, Patricia Grace Kelly, Deirdre Kelly Rose and Vicki Kelly Forseth; his wife Silvia Santos Kelly; and his step-son, Jose’ Hernandez. His loss is mourned by hundreds of friends around the world.


He was preceded in death by his beloved parents, Jack Russell and Mary Jane Kelly, as well as his much-loved step-mother, Paulette San Marchi Kelly.


A memorial service will be held in his honor on January 25, 2014at 11:30 a.m.


St. Catherine of Siena Parish Church

339 Pompton Ave.

Cedar Grove, NJ.


Russ was affectionately known by many names, such as Cute Guy, Flaquito, Compadre, the Music Man, Bro, Russ, E-lugs, Jovencito, etc. But the name he will be fondly remembered by, which illustrated his true nature, is the ROCK. We miss you, Rock!

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