Thursday, April 14, 2016

AtoZ of Melody McDonald: “K” is for Kisses #AtoZBloggingChallenge

There are different kinds of kisses and when Melody was a child, her very favorite kind of kisses was the kind she got from her grandparents and parents on her cheek.

Another kind was the chocolate kind made by Hershey’s and which they got only on very rare occasions, like at the Coca Cola Company Christmas party or once in a while in their Christmas stockings. Honey and Ross were of the opinion that their delightful, ever-active children didn’t need more energy than they already had. That’s okay – when Melody was old enough to make her own decisions regarding chocolate, she made up for all the uneaten chocolate of her childhood. When she made her way to Italy, the Italian kisses, known as Baci Perugina, were her undoing. Oh my… But I digress.

But, Melody outgrew her childhood and when she turned twelve, she had the first kiss of another type. His name was Steve Crayfish. It was just before Christmas and this new Steve had just taken Melody to the junior high school Christmas dance. They’d been accompanied to the dance by Steve’s mom, while Ross brought them home…

Remember, this is Southern California, and at a certain point – the room becoming too warm – Steve accompanied Melody outside the school gym and then, in a completely unexpected move, he kissed her. On the LIPS!!!!!! Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, she was shocked and a little embarrassed… at first. But then, she thought it was kind of neat and kissed him back. (Did I ever mention that Melody was a bit, shall we say, precocious?) It was a very chaste kiss and was never repeated. Probably because Steve’s family moved away shortly after the beginning of the new year.

Her next kiss came around a year and a half later, during the summer before she started high school. There was this cute boy named Larry who was visiting his aunt and uncle who lived down the street from the McDonalds, who she liked a lot, but he was going to be a junior when school started again and she would be a mere freshman. She didn’t realize that she had blossomed during the summer… Anyway, she was washing the dishes after dinner one night when Larry came in. He usually came to deliver messages for his aunt and uncle, but that particular evening he headed straight for Melody, just while she was washing a big, sharp knife. He called out to her and she turned to look at him; she was so startled when he kissed her, that she involuntarily tightened her grip on the knife. Unfortunately for her, it turned out that the part of the knife she was holding was the blade…

As Honey disinfected and bandaged Melody’s hand, Larry quietly finished washing the dishes and left. That was the last time he came over and she never saw him again.

Her next kiss was again an unusual awakening. It also turned her completely off French kissing. She got a birthday card on her sixteenth birthday that said “Happy Sweet Sixteenth: If you swear you’ve never been kissed…” open card “…You have a perfect right to swear!” Well, at least she couldn’t swear about that.

Those random kisses were the only ones she got until she hit college. But, that is a different story and different times…



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  1. That was fun to read, Mary. :) One's first "grown up" kiss is always special. I think Baci taste better than Hershey's kisses.

    1. I so agree with you about Baci. I'd been in Italy for about a week when I tasted my first one... I thought I was in heaven. They were so wonderful. They had these little boxes with three in them, which cost 1500 liras. There is nothing else like them in the whole world.


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