Thursday, April 24, 2014

“U” is for Undercover(s)

UThe Collins Reverso dictionary defines the word “undercover” as: done or acting in secret; it lists the following as synonyms: clandestine, concealed, confidential, covert, hidden, hush-hush, intelligence, private, secret, spy, surreptitious, underground.  Usually, when I think of undercover, I think of spies, or the police or the FBI; you know, the stuff thrillers and cop shows are made of. It would also be (to my romantic mind) a great adventure of secret trysts (they met undercover of the cloudy night, hidden from indiscreet watchers as they explored the depths of each HPIM1168other’s eyes. As they were thus engaged they didn’t notice the thin man who had also been working undercover at the same time, disguised as a tree…) 

But lately, I, too, have been undercover a lot of the time. Well, okay, let’s make that under covers. I admit it (she says, hanging her head, looking all the world like a forlorn basset hound) I have been carrying on a hot and heavy love affair… with Morpheus*. I am so in love with Morpheus, that every morning, when I KNOW I should slide from his warm, under covers embrace, I find I am completely powerless to do so. Usually, only Little Kitty can get me out from under covers with her penetrating stare. Even this morning when I had somewhere I had to go, leaving at a certain time, I slid out from under covers a hour later, and only because I didn’t want to miss the subway and because Kitty was staring at me. It’s a phase, I’m sure of it. Now, though, all I can do is hope that warmer weather comes soon to Brooklyn, so it will be too hot to stay under covers with Morpheus.

*Morpheus is the god of dreams and slumber.


©Mary Purpari, April 24, 2014, “U” is for Undercover(s).


  1. I love hanging under the covers on the weekends and have no apologies or regrets for it.

  2. Blog hopping as we finish the #Challenge. Happy when I learn something new or read a reflection such as yours. Spring has finally come and we are all out from under the covers.

  3. Being a night owl I have SUCH a difficult time getting up in the morning. The dogs don't let me sleep in, so I'm always tired. :P The cold weather makes me want to just burrow into the covers too. Hopefully, we are FINALLY experiencing some spring weather that will stick around.


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